Pandas Get Column Name by Index or Position

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Sometimes you may have an column index and wanted to get column name by index in pandas DataFrmae, you can do so by using DataFrame.columns[idx]. Note that index start from 0.

Get Column Name by Index Example

DataFrame.columns returns an object of pandas.core.indexes.base.Index and use the position by using [] operator to get the column name by index or position.

Let’s see with an example by creating a DataFrame.

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
technologies = {
    'Fee' :[20000,25000,22000],
df = pd.DataFrame(technologies)

Now let’s get the column names from pandas DataFrame, As I said the below example returns an Index object containing all column names.

# Outputs
Index(['Courses', 'Fee', 'Duration', 'Discount'], dtype='object')

to get column name by column index use t


# Outputs

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