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SparkByExamples.com is a Data Engineer, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Cloud platform community page intended to share the knowledge I encounter in my real-time projects. It initially started providing tutorials on Big Data engineering tools like Apache Spark and Pyspark and later extended to Big Data ecosystem tools and machine learning. All the examples I have explained on this site are simple, easy to understand, and well-tested in our development environment.

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  1. Navaneethan

    Thank you for creating this – it has been extremely useful!

  2. Luiz Geraldo

    Hello everyone.
    I started learning Numpy in this tutorial.
    The way you explain the subject is clear and simple; the examples are relevant and finally, the site is very good.
    Congratulations for the team.

  3. Lohith

    Your Teaching style by example is awesome while taking out all the complexity and learning Spark is enjoyable.

  4. Kamesh

    Great Website.
    How can i signup or avoid adds ?

  5. Ansari

    neat and clean explaination with good examples

  6. Sri Ganti

    Hi Naveen, THANK YOU SO MUCH. all the topics are very well organized and easy to learn.

  7. Srinu

    Good Articles with Nice explanations!. Great Job.

  8. MrDk

    thanks alot , go ahed !!

  9. Manasa

    very good explanation.Deepest Gratitude for your work Thank you:)

  10. Anonymous

    I really like the way you have written the article, mainly the examples!! Truly helpful!!

  11. Anonymous

    Awesome site. Thanks a lot. I can find here almost any question I want to know about Spark.

  12. NNK

    Thanks, Meenakshi for your wonderful words.

  13. Meenakshi

    I have never seen website like this,very well explained with simple example. Thanks for your great effort.

  14. Denise

    Very helpful. Thank you

  15. Gabi

    I highly appreciate your help and service here. Much respect guys

  16. Ak

    Hi Team,

    I cannot thankyou enough for all the learnings that I am getting from here.

    Lots of Respect!!

    Many Thanks Again!!

  17. Dev

    Love the work you are doing!
    I learned a lot in PySpark. Thank you! :D

  18. NNK

    Hi Emil, Thank you for your kind words!!

  19. Emil

    Hi Team, I hope you are doing well. I would tike to share with you my deep appreciation for what you did.
    Best Regards, from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿

  20. Praveen Kumar

    Hi Team, You are doing an awesome job. Your ways of explanation on each and every topic in sparks gives me a clear understanding. Thank you. Praveen

  21. AlixaProDev

    I would say you guys are life sever. You guys have put a lot of effort in here. Thank you dear.

  22. NNK

    Thank you for your comment. I am glad SparkByExamples.com is helping the community !!

  23. Mahesh Kumar

    This website is just amazing. I wanted to quit my career in pyspark since i had very little knowledge in pyspark, one day apparently i visited this website and now things has changed. I enjoy working in pyspark because of this website only. for any query i directly come over here and search for the concept. The best thing about this website is it has very basic example yet powerful which helps in understanding the concept easily. Thank you for providing such content. I admire you efforts. Please keep it up.

  24. Anonymous

    Hi . Just an appreciation post. you are doing great , this blog of Spark by examples is good for learning and look at the coding part & examples in Spark-Scala , which i did not find anywhere else. Keep it up.

  25. Raman

    Really Great tutorial with scala .i have cleared my interview by following this tutorial.
    it would be great if you can make this tutorial as a PDF ,so that people can use this as a reference .

  26. Doniv

    Great website with concise explanations on Spark tutorials, also great examples.
    Thanks a lot.

  27. Vishnu

    This site is brilliant. Thank You very much!!

  28. Bikash

    Great website and to the point information, how do I connect with you?

  29. Sandro Jorge

    This site is excellent! Thanks all of you! It helps a lot!!!

  30. Srinivas

    Excellent explanation with simple examples, really appreciate it for your hard work for keeping all in this blog, thank you

  31. Astra

    Thank you so much for all these wonderful PySpark resources, my PySpark learning style is more about hands on practical project first rather than in-depth features right at the start, but when it comes to data engineering it’s really hard to find compact, concise, straight to the point code snippet example with detail explanation, and this website does exactly that! Wish you all the best and hope you post more here in the future with more topics

    If you have Patreon or if there’s other way to support you with money let me know, I don’t mind paying monthly subscription to support you

  32. NNK

    Hi Ozan UZun,

    Thanks for your reply. I appreciate you wanted to share but all examples used here are proprietary to SparkByExamples.com and copying these to Github, LinkedIn, or in any form is not acceptable.

    PS: We are already working on publishing these examples for the Jupyter notebook so that they can be used in Databricks as well. If you are interested you can contribute to sparkbyexamples github project.


  33. ozan uzun

    First of all thank you for examples.I’m studing spark this website, I’m using jupyter notebook and take simple turkish notes. if you let, I want to share them in my github and linkedln account. They are have your example in them.
    thank you.

  34. Anonymous

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

  35. Anonymous

    can you please add some very very simple projects for beginners?

  36. NNK

    Hi Sandeep. You mean header as column names. If so, you can skip the header while reading a CSV file and write the DataFrame as parquet file.

  37. sandeep


    I am new to scala. can you please help with my requirement. I have csv file that has header.I need to skip the header when writing this file into another file with parquet format. How can i acheive this in scala using data frame. Please help