HBase – Scan or Select the table

This tutorial describes how to read rows from the table using the HBase shell and will practice with some examples.

Reading (Scan) the Rows from HBase table using Shell

Use scan command to get the data from the HBase table. By default, it fetches all data from the table.


We can limit the results by passing scanner specification LIMIT, below example limits to one row.

Below command limits the results to 2 rows ‘1’ and ‘2’

Using COLUMN specification, we can list the rows that have columns specified

This returns 2 rows with columns ‘name’ and ‘age’.

We could also specify STARTROW from where the results should return

STOPROW specification will specify where to stop.

To list all deleted columns, use RAW option

Other scan command examples to explore.

Net: will learn how to filter the rows

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