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Using INSERT INTO HiveQL statement you can Insert the data into Hive Partitioned Table and use LOAD DATA HiveQL statement to Load the CSV file into Hive Partitioned Table. In this article, I will explain how to insert or load files using examples.


If you already have a partitioned table created by following my Create Hive Partitioned Table article, skip to the next section.

CREATE TABLE zipcodes(
RecordNumber int,
Country string,
City string,
Zipcode int)
PARTITIONED BY(state string)

Hive LOAD File from HDFS into Partitioned Table

Use LOAD DATA HiveQL command to load the data from HDFS into a Hive Partition table. By default, HIVE considers the specified path as an HDFS location.

Let’s Download the zipcodes.CSV from GitHub, upload it to HDFS using the below command.

hdfs dfs -put zipcodes.csv /data/

Now run LOAD DATA command from Hive beeline to load into a partitioned table.

Note: Remember the partitioned column should be the last column on the file to loaded data into right partitioned column of the table.

jdbc:hive2://> LOAD DATA INPATH '/data/zipcodes.csv' INTO TABLE zipcodes;

If your partition column is not at the end then you need to do following.

  • Create another table without partition.
  • Load data into the table (Assume state is at first column).
  • Insert into the partitioned table by selecting columns from the non-partitioned table (make sure you select state at the end).

1) CREATE TABLE zipcodes_tmp(State string,RecordNumber int,Country string,City string,Zipcode int) ROW FORMAT DELIMITED FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',';
2) LOAD DATA INPATH '/data/zipcodes.csv' INTO TABLE zipcodes_tmp;
3) INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE zipcodes PARTITION(state) SELECT RecordNumber,Country,City,Zipcode,State from  zipcodes_tmp;

Hive LOAD File from LOCAL to Partitioned Table

Below examples loads the local file into partitioned table.

jdbc:hive2://> LOAD DATA LOCAL INPATH '/tmp/zipcodes.csv' INTO TABLE zipcodes;

INSERT Data into Partition Table

You can also use INSERT INTO to insert data into the Hive partitioned table. Insert into just appends the data into the specified partition. If a partition doesn’t exist, it dynamically creates the partition and inserts the data into the partition.

INSERT INTO zipcodes VALUES (891,'US','TAMPA',33605,'FL');

Alternatively, you can also specify the PARTITION clause while insert data into Hive partition table. When using the PARTITION clause, you should not have partition column data in VALUES.

INSERT INTO zipcodes PARTITION(state='FL') VALUES (891,'US','TAMPA',33605);

Use INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE to delete existing data in a partition and load with new data.


This removes the data from NA partition and loads with new records.


In summary, LOAD DATA HiveQL command is used to load the file into a hive existing or new partition of the table, use INSERT INTO to insert specific rows into a partition, and finally, use INSERT OVERWRITE to overwrite the partition with the new rows.

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