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Hadoop Get command is used to copy files from HDFS to the local file system, use Hadoop fs -get or hdfs dfs -get, on get command, specify the HDFS-file-path where you wanted to copy from and then local-file-path where you wanted a copy to the local file system.


Copying files from HDFS file to local file system. Similar to the fs -get command and copyToLocal command both are copy files from HDFS to a local file. Except that the local file is restricted to a destination reference. For more information follow the Hadoop hdfs commands.

$ hadoop fs -get /hdfs-file-path  /local-file-path 
$ hdfs dfs -get /hdfs-file-path  /local-file-path 

Hadoop fs -get Command

The Hadoop fs shell command –Get is used to copy the file from the local file system to the Hadoop HDFS file system. similarly, HDFS also has –copyToLocal. Below is the usage of the -get command.

Alternatively you can also use hdfs dfs -get or hdfs dfs -copyToLocal.

$hadoop fs -get [-p] [-f] [-ignorecrc] [-crc] /hdfs-file-path  /local-file-path 
$hdfs dfs -get [-p] [-f] [-ignorecrc] [-crc] /hdfs-file-path  /local-file-path 


Get Options Description
-p Preserves access and modification times, ownership, and permissions. (assuming the permissions can be propagated across filesystems)
-fOverwrites the destination if it already exists.
-ignorecrcSkip CRC checks on the file(s) downloaded.
-crcwrite CRC checksums for the files downloaded.
Hadoop Get Options

Hadoop fs -get Command Examples

Below are the examples of how to use hadoop hdfs get command with several options.

Example 1: Preserves Access and Modification Times

$hadoop fs -get -p /hdfs-file-path  /local-file-path 
$hdfs dfs -get -p /hdfs-file-path  /local-file-path 

Example 2: Overwrites the Destination

$hadoop fs -get -f /hdfs-file-path  /local-file-path 
$hdfs dfs -get -f /hdfs-file-path  /local-file-path 

Example 3: Skip CRC Checks on the Files Downloaded

$hadoop fs -get -ignorecrc /hdfs-file-path  /local-file-path 
$hdfs dfs -get -ignorecrc /hdfs-file-path  /local-file-path 

Example 4: Write CRC Checksums for the Files Downloaded

$hadoop fs -get -crc /hdfs-file-path  /local-file-path 
$hdfs dfs -get -crc /hdfs-file-path  /local-file-path 

Hadoop fs -getmerge Command

If you have multiple files in an HDFS, use -getmerge option command all these multiple files into one single file download file from a single file system.

Optionally -nl can be set to enable adding a newline character LF at the end of each file.

$ hadoop fs -getmerge -nl /source /local-destination
$ hdfs dfs -getmerge -nl /source /local-destination


In this article, you have learned how to copy a file from the Hadoop HDFS file system to the local file system using -get and -copyToLocal commands. Also learned different options available with these commands with examples.


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