H2O Introduction

H2O is a leading open-source Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence platform created by H2O.ai that includes mostly widely used Machine Learning algorithms, such as generalized linear modeling (linear regression, logistic regression, etc.), Na¨ıve Bayes, principal components analysis, k-means clustering, and word2vec

H2O runs on distributed in-memory and handles billions of data rows and designed to run in standalone mode, on Hadoop, or within a Spark Cluster.

H2O also comes with Flow (a.k.a H2O Flow) which is a web-based interactive user interface that enables you to execute and view the graphs and plots on a single page.

H20 design and architecture

Naveen (NNK)

Naveen (NNK) is a Data Engineer with 20+ years of experience in transforming data into actionable insights. Over the years, He has honed his expertise in designing, implementing, and maintaining data pipelines with frameworks like Apache Spark, PySpark, Pandas, R, Hive and Machine Learning. Naveen journey in the field of data engineering has been a continuous learning, innovation, and a strong commitment to data integrity. In this blog, he shares his experiences with the data as he come across. Follow Naveen @ @ LinkedIn

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